right hub film studio


Justin Gong 平时喜欢摄影,他用相机记录下眼前的世界。拍摄的内容涉及城市、风景、建筑、空间、人文、艺术等领域。一天,有位好友建议他可以把这些视频发到网站上,分享给更多的人看到。于是便有了「right hub film studio」这个版块,Justin 会不定期更新更多的摄影作品。

Justin Gong loves photography, and he uses the camera to record the world he sees, the content of the photography covers the fields of city, landscape, architecture, space, humanity and art. One day, a friend suggested that he send these videos to the website and share them with more people. Hence the right hub film studiosection, Justin will not regularly update more photography works.